Spinner Spinner (Speak of me.)

Spinner spinner tell me where
All these castles in the air
Shall land when they meet their fate
Who shall stand at the pearly gates
Spinner spinner tell me how
I can bring their downfall now
Playing heartstrings, pulled too hard
Who shall at the gates stand guard

Spinner spinner sing your song
Wait and watch and before long
Those castles shall come tumbling down
I shall shatter old flame’s crown
Spinner spinner don’t be rude
Don’t shy away from this flame’s brood
Darkness breeds the best of hate
I’ll send them all to the pearly gates

Spinner spinner tell me when
I shall see old flame again
When the fabric of her flesh
Shall finally be laid to rest
Spinner spinner don’t be scared
You alone shall be spared
Silken skin and wire bones
Fall in pieces around her home

Spinner spinner do your part
Rip out her fast-beating heart
Then tell this story to all who pass
Tell of a young and fair-haired lass
Spinner spinner don’t forget
That the fame I deserve I shall get
Tell the masses all my name
I have won this glorious game


Inktober 2016 – Weeks 2 & 3

(Don’t know what Zentangle is? Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

Ack…I am so, so sorry everyone for not posting my Inktober drawings last Saturday like I intended to. Some personal stuff came up and I was really stressed out and upset all weekend, and by Monday I decided I was just going to combine weeks two and three of this year’s Inktober into one post. I ended up missing days fourteen and eighteen, the former because of said personal stuff and the latter because I had a lovely PSAT the next day (thank god that’s over…now I just have the SAT and ACT to look forward to, whee…). So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve done for Inktober the last two weeks.

Day 8


If I remember correctly, this one started with a blind string. I used a brown Micron to draw Indy-Rella, Sampson, Flux, Mooka, and a bit of Aquafleur-like stripes, then added in some Tipple and Fescu to fill empty space. I’m not really excited about the shading on this one – I’d just sharpened my pencil, so it’s a bit darker and rougher than I’d prefer. It was plenty of fun though (and I’m just as obsessed with Mooka as ever).

Day 9


If you can’t tell, this one was a rush job…I was looking through Sandy Hunter’s website and came across her Snafoozle tangle, which I immediately fell in love with and used in the upper right corner of this tile. From there it kind of became a Sandy Hunter tile, with her tangles Wunderwall, Lollywimple, Unbatz, Veezley, and Puffle filling out the tile. I had to hurry the shading on this one to get it finished before I went to bed, so I used a Fabrico marker…and now I wish that I’d just left it unshaded, but oh well. What’s done is done and it doesn’t look all that bad.

Day 10


…Eek. I honestly really, really hate this one and am hesitant to even post it, but I’ll just take the plunge. Another rush job, this started with a smattering of Dylusions Ink that I didn’t really like in the first place, with Bales in the top part and Cheesecloth in the bottom. I shaded it heavily with a Fabrico marker and a light gray Copic, then added Printemps and Tripoli on top with a Graphic 1. OK. Moving on.

Day 11


Ah…much happier with this one (I had more time, can’t you tell?) I used a Micron 03 instead of my usual 01 for much of the linework on this, starting with something resembling Chianti then adding Scoodle, Sand Swirl, BB, Eke, and a bit of Mooka around it. Then I went back to my 01 to add a little more Mooka, before shading. Again, it’s a bit rougher than what I’d prefer, but happily less so than Day 8’s tile.

Day 12


This one’s probably my favorite from week 2. I started by scribbling with a Koi Coloring Brush Pen, then adding WAY too much water (despite being water-based, they don’t blend well at all). I then went in with a light blue Triplus, starting with the large Blooming-Butter in the center and then building Bales, Featherfall, Diva Dance, and a strange mix of Verdigogh and Mooka off of its flowing strands.

Day 13


The most basic, no-frills Zentangle of the bunch. Simple border, simple string,  a Micron 01, a mechanical pencil, a tortillion, and some tangles. I started with Socc, then added the Purks, then the crazy Olb-like….thing, then Rick’s Paradox. It’s always a fun challenge to try and warp Paradox into shapes with curved edges while still maintaining its spiral effect.

Day 15


I was originally intending do all my Inktober pieces on white Zentangle tiles, but I got some tiles cut from colored Canson pastel paper and I just couldn’t resist. I used a sepia Micron on this gorgeous yellow-y color, starting with Angel Fish and filling in the space with Dansk and Crescent Moon. I decided the two Angel Fish looked a little too empty and filled them with Flux, before deciding to fill the remaining space with some of Joanne Fink’s dangles. The shading – done with a dark brown Prismacolor – looked really muddy until I added white charcoal, which I think really made everything pop. Tons of fun, and the texture of the paper gave the lines a wonderful wobbliness that I think matches the somewhat-slapdash shading perfectly.

Day 16


Of course, after the fun of day 15 I had to play with my pastel paper again…I used a blue Micron on dark gray here, starting with Sparkle before adding Fengle (aura’d up a bit like Ellish) and Mooka. There’s some patterning inside the Fengle as well, but it’s mostly covered by my shading. I like the texture it gives, though.

Day 17


From here on out it’s just standard Zentangle. This was one of the most relaxing tiles I’ve ever done, finished entirely during the duration of the album Skeleton Tree, by Nick Cage and the Bad Seeds (which, by the way, is utterly brilliant and go listen to it now). I started with the Fife, which kept telling me to add more and ended up growing a lot bigger than I originally intended it to. Then I added Avreal and Kathy’s Dilemma in the two “bands” of the string, before filling the gaps with Springkle and finishing up with a bit of Huggins. Once again, I wish the shading wasn’t so rough, but other than that I’m quite happy with this one.

Day 19


And this…this was my debate tile, constantly interrupted so I could look up at the television and make some snarky comment about how idiotic politics has become (not going to name names because I don’t want any flame wars in the comments, LOL…) I had a strange, boxy-spiral string on this one that was pretty challenging, but working from the inside out I think it turned out pretty well. I started with Flukes, then added a Fassett-filled Ing and a gorgeous Molygon variation Maria Thomas posted on Mosaic (which, by the way, you should totally get if you don’t have it already). I’m not as happy with the Onamoto, Frondous, or Diva Dance, but I think the shading turned out a little better here.

Day 20


Definitely my favorite from week 2. This tile started off with grand plans to be a Betweed monotangle, but halfway across it changed its mind and decided to throw in some Phicops. OK then…should be fun, I haven’t used it in quite a while. And it was. I’m super happy with the shading on this one, bold enough to be noticeable but subtle and soft all the same. And the way Betweed took on a mind of its own and climbed up into the top left corner…must try that again. Sooooo much fun.

Day 21


Probably my most back-to-basics tile done for Inktober, drawn entirely with comfort tangles (Printemps, Crescent Moon, Flux, Mooka, Enyshou, Paradox) and simple, broad shading. My version of simplicity.

Inktober got a bit stressful around week 2 – the PSAT was imminent and I felt an obligation to finish a tile every day, even if it meant the art suffered for it because I was constantly crunched for time. Once I realized that obligation was hurting me, I tried to let it go and week 3 became much easier (plus I didn’t have a super-important test hanging over my head, telling me to study for it). For anyone who hasn’t joined Inktober yet, it’s not too late – just jump in, maybe even do some Inkvember to make up for the days you missed!

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope I’ve inspired you to create something of your own!



For my “portraiture photography” unit in Art class…thanks to my awesome friends Anh and Nicole for putting on loads of makeup and standing around in the woods while I took photos of them! Once we pick the best ones and edit them I’ll post the finished versions.


Of course we had to take a selfie as well…


From left to right: Me, Anh, Nicole

This was a ton of fun – hopefully we’ll be able to do more themed photoshoots in the future (with a better camera than my dad’s iPhone 5). Thanks for stopping by and I hope I’ve inspired you to create something of your own!


Winter (for butterflies.)

Frost cracks on the windowpane
Blue sky slanted and cut to pieces
Hold my hand and walk into a snowdrift
Hold my hand and freeze

The wind whiplashes around the remains
Of some great beauty gone cold
It throws the world into sharp relief
Icier than broken glass
Sharper than the cracks in the window

It is all so pointless, they say
Drop to their knees and hold their hands to the sky
Gray clouds drift overhead
The world looks dark from here

There is a story to be told
But I am not sure if I want to know it
There is a rooftop falling down
On those seeking shelter from the snow
There is a place for all the skeletons
That lay twisted out in the frigid air
There is a song to be sung
But I am not sure if I want to hear it

So what do the people think?
Do they scream out
Or do they sit still and silent?
Do they open their arms
Or hold themselves close and savor the cold?
Do they know?
It’s a simple question

Do they even know?

Inktober 2016 – Week 1

(Don’t know what Zentangle is? Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

My first seven drawings for the first seven days of Inktober! This is a success so far – now let’s see if by some holy miracle I can actually continue through the entire month.

Day 1


This one was (mostly) a simple black-and-white affair without too many frills. I started off with Crescent Moon in the center, then added Keenees, three reticula/fragments, and Printemps in pencil. For shading, I started by darkening some edges with a gray Staedtler Triplus Fineliner, then used a light gray Copic to blend out the darkened areas and add lighter shadows to others.

Day 2


This started with two spritzes of Dylusions Ink, one each in purple and turquoise. I drew my string and filled in the top section with Arukas, before sketching in and inking the daisy. I did the detail on the stem and added some Henna Drum around it before going in with my Prismacolors to add color to the flower. I then finished with some details on the daisy using a fuchsia Triplus and a white Gelly Roll.

Day 3


This one also started with Dylusions Ink, this time in purple with some water sprayed over the top. After it dried, I drew in the Ellish with a silver Gelly Roll and added a ring of perfs around it. I aura-ed the whole thing twice, once with a gold Gelly Roll and once with a brown Sakura Pigma Brush pen, before adding Sanibelle, Crescent Moon, my own Undu, and simple pencil shading.

Day 4


This piece was also my response to this week’s Diva Challenge – you can read about my process and thoughts here.

Day 5


This one was a ton of fun. I started off by feeding my Mooka obsession again, then added Betweed, Antidots, Opus, Pokeleaf, and Snail (in that order, I think). I decided to use a gray Fabrico marker instead of a pencil for shading to get a cleaner, more graphic look.

Day 6


Also a ton of fun (really, all of them are but this and the last one were more so than most). I accidentally skipped two “petals” instead of one when creating the first band of Auraknot, if that makes any sense, so I just went along with it and ended up with a cool star in the middle. “No mistakes” proves true yet again. After adding Crescent Moon and Floatfest things started to get a tad confusing with all the layers, but I kept going with Printemps, Jetties, Meer, Paradox, and Sanibelle. I shaded the whole thing, before deciding the white space was ungainly and using Triplus pens in light and dark gray to fill it in with Mooka. Did I tell you that I’m obsessed with Mooka?

Day 7


Back to the Dylusions background – this one started with water, then one spray each of turquoise and purple, then more water. I drew a small curvy rectangle as my string and filled it in with Evoke. Then I sketched, inked, and colored the succulent, again using Prismacolors. I used an olive green Triplus to fill in the empty space with Pokeroot and Rixty, and finished it off by adding highlights with a white Gelly Roll and filling in the background with a bright metallic green. This is probably my favorite out of all seven, because of how the colors of the succulent play off the bright purple opposite and because of the contrast between bold, graphic abstracts and softer realism that I mentioned in my last post.

I’m notoriously bad at remembering things and sticking to plans, so hopefully this Inktober will prove helpful, or at least somewhat successful. If any of you reading this aren’t already playing along, I heartily encourage you to – creating an ink drawing every single day, no matter how small (or how “bad”) has already proved to be a rewarding experience for me, just one week in. I’m not too aligned with social media, but I’m fairly certain a quick search for “Inktober” on Facebook or Instagram will yield a mass of inspiration.

Thanks for visiting my site, for reading my words and observing my art. I hope I’ve inspired you to create something of your own.


Catching Dreams

(Don’t know what Zentangle is? Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

Surprise surprise, my tangle “Dreamcatcher” was featured on this week’s Diva Challenge. Very exciting – just like when “Knightstar” was featured a little while ago I get to see a multitude of other artists’ personal spins on a tangle I deconstructed. I regret not being able to comment on each and every one of them, but school and standardized testing unfortunately takes precedence over interpersonal matters. I think we collectively need to get our priorities straight…but I digress.

The piece I did for this week’s challenge is also my Day 4 piece for Inktober (a quick Google search will inform you if you live under a rock don’t know about it), which I will hopefully be making a post on in the near future, with everything I’ve done for it up to that point.


Not the highest-quality photo, but oh well. Hopefully I’ll get better at photographing my art…sometime. (I’d say in the near future, but I’ve been blogging for more than a year and it still hasn’t happened, so…) This was a ton of fun to do – I started with the single Dreamcatcher in the middle, then used turquoise Dylusions Ink around it, starting by simply dipping a wet brush into the bottle and painting it on, then screwing the cap back on and spraying it a couple times. After that I sketched and inked the ivy in the background, colored it with a Staedtler Triplus Fineliner and some Prismacolors, then used some more Triplus pens to draw the Mooka. I sketched in the monarch butterfly and used some bright Gelly Rolls to bring in some color contrast, then finished it off with bits of metallic green. And I’m really happy with the end result.

I seem to be slipping more and more in this direction – a mix of bold abstract elements and softer realistic ones. I like the sharp contrast it gives, although my less-than-stellar skill at realism and general lack of experience do lead to occasional frustrations. But what’s the point of creating art if you never push yourself? I think creativity is like water – leave it stagnant for too long and it may become polluted and choked, but keep it moving and it’ll stay crystal clear. (I am fairly good at odd similes.)

Thanks for visiting my site, for reading my words and observing my art. I hope I’ve inspired you to create something of your own.


Some Beginnings and Some Ends

My “grand” plans have a way of not working out. But they’re fun to make, so I keep at them. This site is one of those plans – where I hope to share my art as well as my thoughts, because nothing is more riveting than the inner monologue of an introverted, artsy, possibly-crazy 15-year-old. I’m moving instead of remaining on my old blog because I’d like to keep everything that I posted there, but I’d also rather not have a sudden stylistic shift in the content there. (Yay, OCD!) So, overly-profound titles and nonsensical ramblings rejoice – I have constructed myself a vehicle to loose you in all your dubious glory into the endless void that is the Internet.

My name is Daniel Lamothe, and I’m pleased to meet all of you.